Straub Environmental Learning Center kids visit

Today, the Straub Environmental Learning Center camp kids visited us. They helped weed the garden in the heat (Wowza! Thanks!) and then toured the glasshouses and grounds to learn all about how we live sustainably at Pringle Creek Community! 

Below are before and after pictures of invasive Japanese Knotweed next to our Cafe. Last week we posted pictures of some of their work, these are another great example of how truly invasive Knotweed is.  Thanks to the DOC work crew for removing the weeds (and for helping maintain their control)!

 Both pictures were taken from the same position.  More work remains, but seeing the weeds gone, for now (they'll be back) is wonderful!

Come out and witness the changes for yourself.  We love visitors and sharing the many and varied aspects of Pringle Creek that make us an example of true sustainable community development!