October 31st

Just a quick reminder that on Wednesday, October 31st we will be closed during our normal business hours. However, we will be open in the evening from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in conjunction with our All Hallows Eve-ning event. In addition to our normal cafe menu we will have a Tillamook Cheddar Grilled Cheese sandwich served on Cascade Baking Company's whole wheat bread as well as serving both Tomato and Mushroom Barley soup to help ward off what promises to be a chilly evening. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our All Hallows Eve-ning!


All Hallows' Evening

October 2012
Pringle Creek Presents an All Hallows' Evening
In celebration of the changing of the seasons we are having a fall festival from 4:00pm to 6:00 pm on October 31st. We will have several different games and activities spanning various age groups as well as having the Painters Hall Cafe open until 5:30pm for a healthy dinner option. Costumes are optional, but encouraged and we look forward to seeing you there. If you are interested in joining us for our All Hallows' Evening please RSVP to  with the ages of any children you are bringing so that we can make sure we are well stocked with supplies for the appropriate age groups. We hope you'll join us for an evening of family-oriented fun!
Fall Festival Activities
Pumpkin Bowling
Knock down the bowling pins with nature's very own version of the typical bowling ball.
Mask Creation

Use materials gathered on site to make a unique, fun, and sustainable costume.
Apple Bobbing 

Try your luck "bobbing" for apples on a string. Every participant gets a prize: their very own Pringle Creek apple!
Scavenger Hunt
A Pringle wide scavenger hunt with different sets of clues for different age groups! This activity can be done in groups or as an individual.


Light and Bright with Outdoor Living

We are pleased to announce the completion of our latest home "Red Tail". Some of our favorite features are the over sized front porch that catches the morning sun and covered patio, perfect for summer entertaining. Red Tail also features well placed oversized windows that keep this energy efficient home light and bright throughout the year. We have used the best green building materials throughout this home including beautiful, low maintenance native Oregon landscaping.  Please contact us today if you would like to tour this beautiful home, or any of our other homes.


Event Space at Pringle Creek

Recently we have had a lot of people asking for information about using Painters Hall as an event space so we thought it might be helpful to write a short blurb about how versatile the space is as an event venue.

Painters Hall rents for $100 an hour with a complimentary hour for set up/take down. We also offer non-profit rates that help bring the cost down for organizations that are in line with our mission at Pringle Creek. This rental fee includes use of our tables, chairs, sound system and projector as well as our kitchen facilities. Our dinnerware is also available to rent for those interested in using it. Additionally, we offer catering services that provide healthy, delicious and locally sourced options that help pull the whole event together.

We have had a plethora of events at Painters Hall ranging from wedding rehearsal dinners to corporate training sessions. Our space offers an appropriate venue for any occasion and we look forward to working with you to plan your next event here at Pringle Creek!


Benefits of Sustainability

From our friends at the Federal Highway Administration comes this condensed summary on the Benefits of Livability. Seriously, the FHA is part of a federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities that includes the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing.  All trying to do good work by sharing their expertise and coordinating their efforts.

Aside from a bit of jargon, there are great points here.  They begin by listing some of the Economic Benefits (including energy savings and lower maintenance costs) followed by Public Health Benefits (which gets personal pretty quickly), and finally they address Environmental Benefits, pointing notably to air and water quality and global warming.   

Sustainability covers a lot of ground, and Pringle Creek Community has a long list of features that include concrete initiatives like:
- Renewable Energy (geothermal and solar energy);
- Green Building (LEED Platinum or LEED Gold Homes, restored Community Center building       certified Net-Zero Energy by the International Living Building Challenge);
- 100% Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) lumber protects watersheds, forest diversity and habitat;
- Green Streets dramatically (90%) reduce run-off and pollution of local streams;
Electric Vehicle in front of Solar Powered Painters Hall Cafe 
Livability covers even more ground, and Pringle Creek Community has a list to match:
- Community Gardens, Orchards and restored Greenhouses
- Neighborhood Café and Village Green
- Community Center for public events and private parties
- Walking Trails connect a variety of Parks and Open Space
- Housing Diversity means neighbors of all ages and family make-up
- Healthy Homes (fresh air) and Healthy Lifestyles (walking and biking)
- Porches, Parks, Benches and Chairs offer places to meet and visit with friends or make new ones

Community Stream Restoration Effort
For a look at the longer list of Livability and Sustainability Benefits and Features from the U.S. Department of Transportation check out the long version of their summary:   http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/livability/state_of_the_practice_summary/research2011.pdf 

For a look at a remarkable sustainable community in Salem, Oregon, check out our website at www.pringlecreek.com, our blog at or better yet call ahead for tour and come out and explore for yourself . . .


Painter's Hall Cafe Closures

Painter's Hall Cafe will be closed for private events on the following dates this month:

Thursday, October 4th

Thursday, October 11th

Monday, October 15th

Wednesday, October 31st


Early Fall in the Garden and Orchard

Fall has arrived at Pringle Creek. The trees along the streets have begun their slow change from green to red, and are falling to the ground. You can tell which side of the trees get the most sun as the trees change in patches. It won't be long before more leaves will be found on the roads and sidewalks then in the branches.

Mornings have been cooler and damp the past few weeks causing some plants to begin finishing up for the year. We harvested the last of the Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash as the foliage began to die off for the season. A few squash are being cured in the root cellar to save for harvest decorations this November.

We planted short season sweet corn between the greenhouses and the first planting produced a good number of ears for harvesting. Painters Hall Cafe has incorporated some of the squash and corn into menu items like the summer vegetable panini and seasonal soup. Watch the cafe menu for more fall garden and orchard harvested additions!

Summer crops in the greenhouse are phasing out as well. New cooler weather crops such as beets, broccoli, leeks, and greens are sprouting. The last of the basil will soon be picked, the peppers potted up and over wintered, and tomatoes can finish ripening with the last of our falls sun.

The orchard has finished for the year with fruit tree leaves beginning to change color and fall. All but a few remaining apples have been picked and stored away. It was a wonderful year for the garden and orchard.

Happy Fall Everyone!


Dinner at Pringle Creek

This past Friday we hosted our first dinner event at Pringle Creek to help support our ever growing garden and orchard program. Our four course dinner featured our most successful summer crops including tomatoes, summer squash and plums. We also were able to source local dairy, meat, hazelnuts and some supplemental vegetables to round out our menu and create what we believe was a very memorable evening. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our first event, we believe that it was a huge success and we look forward to hosting many more in the future!