New Menu at Painter's Hall Cafe!

With summer FINALLY here we are celebrating all of the hard work of our onsite Master Gardener with a seasonally focused menu. Our basil is in full swing inside the Pringle Creek Community Green Houses which allows us to feature it prominently throughout our menu. You'll find it freshly picked in our caprese salad & sandwich, incorporated into our soups, and packed into our homemade pesto. The first of our summer squash is also making an appearance this week in our summer vegetable soup and piled on our vegetable panini. We will continue to use our own Swiss chard, kale and carrots for as long as they keep producing and we're looking forward to our Pringle Creek tomatoes being ready soon!

Our seasonal soups use local, seasonal ingredients and are available in either a cup or a bowl. Ask for today’s soup. $4 Cup or $6 Bowl

Cherry & Goat Cheese Salad
A bed of mixed greens straight from our greenhouse topped with dried Montmorency Cherries, Chèvre, and Sliced Almonds. $5 Small or $7 Large

BBQ Chicken Salad
A bed of Pringle Creek mixed greens topped with grilled chicken basted in Tribal Moose Cranberry BBQ sauce, thinly sliced red onion, carrots, tomatoes & feta cheese. $6 Small or $8 Large

House Green Salad
Our mixed greens topped with tomatoes, Pringle Creek carrots, Swiss cheese, Thai basil, and  a sprinkling of red onions. $5 Small or $7 Large

Stacked Caprese Salad
Thick slices of Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and Basil straight from our green houses served with a Balsamic reduction. $5 Small or $7 Large

Curried Egg Salad
Served on Dave’s Killer Bread and made with eggs from our hens, served with mayo and plenty of leafy greens. $5 Half or $7 Whole

Thick slices of Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and Basil straight from our green houses served with a Balsamic reduction on a ciabatta roll. $5 Half or $7 Whole

Turkey Pesto
Oven roasted turkey on a ciabatta roll spread with our homemade pesto, served with lettuce, tomato and provolone. $5 Half or $7 Whole

Grilled Summer Vegetable Panini
Grilled Giambo squash, roasted peppers, and mushrooms pressed together with provolone on a ciabatta roll spread with our homemade pesto. $5 Half or $7 Whole

Come in and enjoy our new menu items as well as THE RETURN OF OUR ESPRESSO MACHINE during our regular hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-2:00pm


Sparrow Family Nesting at Pringle Creek

While enjoying an evening sitting on the patio at Painter's Hall, a small sparrow flew into a nearby flower box. On further inspection a wonderful discovery was found. This small sparrow had made a nest in the flower box and moved in.
Three baby sparrows at home in their nest.
Pringle Creek Community is home to many, neighbors and wildlife alike. It is a wonderful compliment to our sustainability goals and vision to see new life begin and flourish before our eyes.


Gardens and Orchard in July

The gardens and orchards are full of life now that summer has arrived. All of the vegetable starts were started in the greenhouse from seed and have been moved outside to the main garden. The harvest of these plants will be turned into delicious menu items at Painter's Hall cafe.

Swiss chard, summer squash, carrots, tomatoes and basil growing in the greenhouse and garden space.

We are growing 2 types of artichokes, Green Globe and Imperial Star. Unfortunately the gophers enjoy them also.

The trees in the orchards are covered in developing fruit. The cherry trees have finished for the year but the rest of the trees will be producing into the fall season.

Plums, pears, apples, and peach trees produce fruit for Pringle Creek Community residents and Painter's Hall cafe.

The lavender is in full bloom and the honeybees from our hives along with the native bumblebees are frequent visitors. More flowers and spearmint brighten the garden space.

Flowers in the Pringle Creek Community garden.
The upcoming months will be filled with ripening fruit and growing vegetables. Stop by to enjoy the sights and tastes from the Pringle Creek Community gardens and orchard.


Volunteers at Pringle Creek

Throughout the year, Pringle Creek Community provides many opportunities for volunteers to get their hands dirty.  Volunteers help with restoration of Pringle Creek and wetlands, beautification and upkeep of 12 acres of natural spaces, and seasonal projects in the Pringle Creek Community gardens and orchard.

In the past 6 months we have had 150+ volunteer service hours from:
  • Tokyo International University of America (TIUA)
  • Introductory Environmental Science class at Willamette University
  • Urban Farmer Certification participants
  • Neighbors of Pringle Creek Community
 THANK YOU to all our volunteers!

TIUA students weeding community plots in the garden.

TIUA students clearing out Japanese knotweed.

 Pringle Creek Community volunteers improve the health and beauty of our natural areas.

If you would like to become involved at Pringle Creek Community as a volunteer please contact Nicole McDavid, Pringle Creek Community Urban Farmer at: nicole@pringlecreek.com

In the garden with the Urban Farmer Certification Program

Since January, 24 participants have been learning how to turn their home growing spaces into productive gardens as part of the Pringle Creek Community Urban Farmer Certification program.

In its second year the program is designed to teach aspiring Urban Farmers skills such as:
  • Compost and soil health
  • Organic seed starting
  • Vegetable garden planing and planting
  • Garden Tool Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Identifying beneficial bugs for the garden
  • Backyard chickens
  • Home Orchards
  • Preparing for winter
Our instructors include local farmers, community members, OSU Master Gardeners, and university faculty.

Along with practicing their new gardening skills at home, some of our urban farmers have filled individual plots in the Pringle Creek gardens with even more vegetables and fruits. Utilizing this space allows these participants to practice using a drip line irrigation system, different growing conditions then they may have at home and enjoy gardening in a community garden style space.

2012 Urban Farmer's learn to mix seed starting soil, identify beneficial bugs and grow vegetables successfully.

The Urban Farmer Certification program is a 10 month course, January from October. Participants meet at Painter's Hall for 2 hours, one Saturday a month.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Urban Farmer Certification curriculum or joining our next class in January 2013, contact Nicole McDavid, Pringle Creek Community's Urban Farmer at nicole@pringlecreek.com


US Senator Jeff Merkley visits Pringle Creek

Last week, US Senator Jeff Merkley traveled from Portland to Ashland on electricity only, completing his "Border to Border Oil-Free Across Oregon" tour without a drop of gasonline! Along the way he made a pit stop at Pringle Creek to charge up his car, have lunch, and take a tour of the neighborhood, and it was a pleasure to have him here.
Don Myers, President of Pringle Creek's development company, welcomed the crowd and began the program. Speakers included Ecotality's Amy Hillman, Director of OR Dept of Transportation Matt Garrett, Director of OR Dept of Energy Bob Repine, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 280 Tim Frew, and PGE's President Dave Robertson. Then Senator Merkley spoke.
Senator Merkley with Painters Hall in the background.
His comments were thoughtful and inspiring, as was his demeanor. He recognized we are facing a challenge and need to respond to it. He acknowledged Painters Hall's recent certification as a Net Zero Energy Building, producing more power than it consumes each year, and that his car was being recharged by 100% solar energy from Painters Hall's 20.2kW PV system. After lunch and a meeting with our team, we toured the neighborhood and talked about porous streets, urban agriculture, greenroofs, and cluster style development (where large tracts of open space are preserved and protected). He has a very approachable personality, and was very engaged in the tour.
After successfully completing his trip to Ashland, he followed up with a very nice notecard to us expressing his appreciation for the neighborhood: "You are creating a spectacular community!" Thanks Senator! Come back anytime you'd like! We'd be happy to have you.
Don Myers addresses the crowd in front of Painters Hall
A line-up of Nissan Leafs at the event. There were also Chevy Volts and a Think City.

From left, Katie Gauthier (Senator Merkley's Office), Senator Merkley, James Meyer (Opsis Architecture), Don Myers (Pringle Creek Community), and Art James (ODOT).