A lot is growing at Pringle Creek Community!! Come out and see

Pringle Creek Community is alive, thriving, and growing!

Colleen, our Urban Farmer, just harvested 13 pounds of basil that Chef Dave has converted into pesto, Presto!

  Speaking of growing, some invasive vegetation has been growing all too well along Pringle Creek.  We've begun work to attack these invasives, specifically Himalayan Blackberry and Japanese Knotweed.  The Japanese Knotweed is especially sinister, since it spreads vegetatively creating a monoculture and eliminating the ability of native vegetation and therefore healthy habitat, to thrive.   We've partnered with the Department of Corrections to clear the knotweed and blackberries.  The crew is doing a great job, being careful to avoid native vegetation while collecting as much of the cut weeds as possible, avoiding spreading it downstream. 
Here's what knotweed looks like now, next to our Cafe:

...and next to our bridge (the knotweed is in the left lower corner)

Here are a few pictures showing cleared areas.  These pictures also demonstrate how destructive Knotweed is.  It isn't good for nesting birds, and it eliminates other vegetation and habitat for wildlife.  So happy to see it gone!  (but it'll be back...  we'll need to keep cutting it every five weeks until the end of the growing season)

 A couple of proud crew members:
They're standing in a cleared knotweed and blackberry patch.  Good job!

Stop by and see the renewed Pringle Creek!  Also visit our Glasshouses and Cafe.  The Cafe is now serving breakfast and lunch, from 9-11, and 11-2.

We're away for the 4th of July, and wish everyone a very happy,festive, and safe Holiday weekend!