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Portland Daily Journal of Commerce "Salem building hits green milestone" http://djcoregon.com/news/2012/04/11/salem-building-hits-green-milestone-net-zero-energy

Statesman Journal "Pringle building honored again" http://www.statesmanjournal.com/article/20120425/COMMUNITIES/304250007/Pringle-building-honored-again

Sustainable Business Oregon "First two net zero buildings certified under new standard" http://www.sustainablebusinessoregon.com/articles/2012/04/first-two-net-zero-buildings-certified.html

And a really great one on ThomasNet.com
"Net Zero Certified: Two buildings that make more energy than they use" http://news.thomasnet.com/green_clean/2012/04/26/net-zero-certified-two-buildings-that-make-more-energy-than-they-use

Check out the case study on the International Living Future Institute's site https://ilbi.org/lbc/casestudies We will be presenting the project at the Living Futures Conference next week in Portland http://www.cascadiagbc.org/living-future/12, really looking forward to it!
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Upcoming events in Salem

Thanks to our friends at the Straub Environmental Learning Center, here is a list of more than 17 upcoming family ecology, naturalist, and community events this month! Click the "Read More" button below to see them all, and join the FSELC events mailing by contacting fselc@fselc.org.
Thursday, April 12, 2012 4:30-5:30 pm
Nature Kids (Grades 2/3): Black Bears
Straub Environmental Learning Center
Black Bears are Oregon's only bear, but that doesn't make them any less special! Children are invited to this class to learn about


Net Zero Energy Building Certification!

We did it! Kudos to the International Living Future Institute for leading the way.
From Sustainable Business Oregon:


First two 'net zero' buildings certified under new standard
Sustainable Business Oregon
By Christina Williams
Less than a year after launching the new Net Zero Building Certification program, the first two buildings — including one in Oregon — to earn the designation were announced this week by the International Living Future Institute.

Painters Hall, a community center in Salem's Pringle Creek neighborhood, earned certification as a net zero building, along with IDeAs 72 Design Facility in San Jose, Calif. Both buildings were existing building retrofit projects.
Net zero buildings employ energy conservation and efficiency measures and on-site energy generation. The result is a building that meets its own energy needs and doesn't tax the local power grid. Last October, the institute recognized a growing interest in this type of building by introducing the first official certification program for net zero building.
The developers of Pringle Creek Community converted an 80-year-old building into a community center within the 32-acre mixed-use redevelopment. A 20-kilowatt solar array on the roof produces enough energy to meet the building's needs.
The building also met the requirements of the Energy, Equity and Beauty portion of the Living Building Challenge, which is also operated by the International Living Future Institute.
Net zero energy construction is expected to grow to become a $1.3 trillion market by 2035."


Introducing the Pringle Creek Bees

Pringle Creek Community is now home to 2 hives of Carniolan bees. Known for their gentle behavior, Carniolan bees also begin foraging for pollen earlier in the season and do not seem to mind wet weather. The hives are located in the back of the orchard and along Pringle Creek to ensure they have a variety of plants, access to fresh water, and observation by visitors.

On Saturday, April 6th, the bees were moved into their hives. Preparations began weeks before with the purchase and assembly of the hive boxes, painting and placement in the orchard.

Bees need to be fed a sugar syrup mix, which was added to feeders in the hives. Once the prime foraging season begins they will not need to be fed as often or at all until early fall.


New Construction!

Pouring the footing and foundation in February
We are moving along on another LEED Platinum cottage home! This one we've named Redtail, after the family of hawks that live in the big trees above Pringle Creek Community. It's a custom home for someone -- sorry! Not for sale. But another one can be built.

Truss package arrives on that strange day of snowfall in March!
The Redtail will have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1,300 sqft of space plus detached garage and a protected common courtyard in the back shared by four other cottage homes. It will have wood windows, ground-source heating and air conditioning, rigid insulation rain screen wall siding, Forest Stewardship Council certified wood throughout, and so on. It will be a comfortable, healthy, and beautiful home! Come check out our progress or send us an email to request a tour.
This week: rigid insulation, house wrap, and roof.