Cottage Home #1 is award finalist!

Number one in so many ways already.
Pringle Creek Community’s first home, Cottage Home #1, is the first LEED-Platinum home in the Northwest and the highest point-getter in the highest LEED category (see here). Now it has a chance to win a gold award at the 2008 Energy Value Housing Awards.

The awards program, in its 13th year, is put on by the National Association of Home Builders. The program “was created to help educate the home building industry and the public about successful approaches to energy-efficient construction that can be implemented by mainstream builders.”

The 2008 winners will be announced at the EVHA banquet during the 2008 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. Cottage Home #1 is a finalist in the “Production” category for the “Moderate” climate region. It is also in the running for the Builder of the Year award and the People's Choice award (you might get a chance to vote on the latter--if so, we will certainly let you know).

You may be thinking, “What is so special about this house that makes it a gold award contender?” If you want to read about the great features and benefits of this state-of-the-art home, click here.


Tokyo International University visits Pringle Creek

Last week, a group of students from Tokyo International University (which has a satellite campus at Willamette U) came by to learn about Pringle Creek. They had a great time touring around and were very engaged. The streets in particular amazed them; they videotaped a bucket of water being poured onto the street and vanishing into the porous asphalt (they all cheered and clapped loudly). They also were amazed by the massive wood beams we have in storage. These beams were milled onsite from winter blow-downs and hazard trees that will have a second life in new construction (instead of firewood). A cultural difference: Before the students went into the Cottage Home to look around, everyone removed their shoes and lined them up perfectly together, neatly. Typically students need to be asked to remove their shoes, which they then toss willy nilly on the porch.

These students have spent the last year living and studying in Oregon and are on their way back to Japan in December. They said what they loved most about Oregon was “all the beautiful nature.”



First custom house

A couple weeks ago the permit was pulled on the home of Alan and Sue Wilson [introduced back in May, here]. Soon after that, the footing was poured. It was a beautiful fall day at Pringle Creek--the sunset maples in full glory.

The Wilson's home is the first custom house coming out of the ground. Phil Klaus of Spectra Construction is the builder. It will be a “tall house,” a wonderful, unique three-story design. The garage is tucked underneath, on the ground level, along with a bonus space that can be office, studio, guestroom, whatever. The second floor includes an open floor plan with living room, kitchen and dining room. Upstairs are the master bedroom suite and two additional bedrooms.

The Wilson’s house is slated for LEED gold. We're really going to enjoy watching this new housing style go up. Welcome to the neighborhood Alan and Sue!

Don Myers