Urban Farmer Certification Class Tour

Last weekend Urban Farmer participants toured several classmates' wonderful home garden spaces, checking out the organic gardening principles discussed in class.

Kristi's organized and bountiful tomato operation.

Susan's gorgeous peppers (above) and beautiful sunflower/bean trellis (below).

Megan and Andrew's pumpkins!


Salem Green + Solar Fair 2011

Are you interested in increasing the value of your current home? Would you like to learn what green-building leaders in the region have done with their homes? Want to talk with experts and owners about design, products, and strategies to help get you there?

Join us Saturday, October 1st for:
Salem Green + Solar Fair 2011
Brought to you by Salem AIA, Pringle Creek Community, Marion County Public Works Environmental Services, and Solar Oregon

The focus of this year’s fair is on increasing the value of your home through green renovation & remodeling! Join 14 other cities across Oregon for this annual event!

We will begin with a presentation by President and Founder of Green Hammer Construction, Stephen Aiguier, who has remodeled and built several high-performance LEED Platinum and Passive House certified homes. Stephen will profile his most recent green home renovations, energy strategies, products, design considerations, and ways to increase existing home value for the long-term. 

Following Stephen’s presentation


MIG Farm Dinner!

Jackie and I went to the Minto Island Growers Farm Dinner last week and it was awesome! David Rosales and crew created a delicious all-veg multi-course dinner at the MIG Farm Stand, served family-style. Such a great group of people at all the tables, mostly CSA members, very elegant and classy, and a ton of fun. Can we do this every weekend? Awesome job Chris and Elizabeth! And to Sally for putting it together! Thank you for bringing an event like this to Salem. We hope there will be more! PS: if you would like to join the MIG CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program, visit their website. Painters Hall is one of their south Salem drop sites!
Dinner guests applaud Chris, Elizabeth, and David

Some of Minto Island Growers organic farm operations in the background

Intimate and fun, and perfect weather