Breakfast & Lunch Menu Nov. 10 - 13, & Pizza Day Friday, Nov. 14

Breakfast & Lunch Menu for 
Monday, November 10 - 13, Pizza Day Friday, November 14
Painters Hall Cafe, 9am-2pm. Mon-Fri.
  Painters Hall Cafe is a Zero-Waste Cafe.  If you'd like to take out any of our delicious food offerings, please bring your own container.  Thanks for thinking 'Zero-Waste'!

We offer breakfast at Painters Hall Cafe, 9-11am

Veggie egg scramble with rosemary potatoes and fresh fruit $4.50
Multigrain pancakes served with fresh fruit  $3.50

 Apple Cider, Blackberry Lemonade, Blended Caramel-Coffee Smoothie, 
Irish Cream Latte, Flavored Tea Smoothies, Coffee (hot or cold brewed), teas & more.

Fresh-picked carrots, radish, and greens all straight from our garden
served with a greek yogurt ranch dressing  $7 
Add grilled chicken for $2

(Gluten free bread options available)

Meatball Sandwich  $8
Beef, pork, potato, and glasshouse onions and herbs mixed together into delicious meatballs served with a tomato sauce on ciabatta bread

Veggie Pasties $7
Two vegetable pasties served with a small side salad dressed with a greek yogurt ranch dressing.  
The pasties are homemade yeasted pie dough turnovers filled with glasshouse grown onions, carrots, herbs, and locally grown broccoli & cauliflower tossed together in a thickened vegetable stock.

Potato Leek Soup
Potatoes and glasshouse grown leeks, thyme, & oregano prepared in a cream base. Delicious!
Cup $4  Bowl $6

  Dessert options:  
Ice-cream:  Peach-lavendar, peach-vanilla, or vanilla salted caramel
Sorbet: Blueberry-Almond or Strawberry-Tarragon

Wood Oven Fired Pizza - FRIDAY ONLY!
Gluten Free Crust available

Meatball & green onion
Homemade meatballs made of pork, beef, and potato with glasshouse green onions & cheese on home-made tomato marinara sauce
$11 whole/ $3.50 slice

Vegetarian Pizza
Homemade Margherita pizza:  Pesto/tomato base topped with fresh mozzarella cheese 
$10 whole/$3.00 slice