Menu for March 5-7, 2014

Menu for March 5-7, 2014
Painters Hall Cafe, 9am-2pm. Mon-Fri.

Hot Apple Cider, Coffee (hot or cold brewed), Mexican Mocha, 
Almond Coconut Latte, teas & more.

Plated Special of the Week
Sous-Vide carrots on a red quinoa salad
A delicious, vegetarian & gluten-free entree

(Gluten free bread options available)

Roast Beef
Roast Beef sandwich with greens, cheese, and a horseradish spread

Asparagus & Cheese
Open-faced sandwich featuring young asparagus, topped with smoked cheddar cheese 
and finished with a balsamic drizzle


 Classic French onion

Wood Oven Fired Pizza - FRIDAY ONLY!

Pizza Special 
Honey & bacon
This pizza starts with a roasted honey sauce
and is topped with cheese, green onion, and bacon

Classic Pepperoni & Salami
Pepperoni and salami on home-made marinara sauce
$11 whole/ $3.50 slice

Vegetarian Pizza
Artichoke hearts and spinach on a garlicky white sauce
$10 whole/$3.00 slice

Gluten Free Crust available