Squash Harvest for 2013

The Results Are In! 

112: Squash from the garden this year made up of the standard varieties and some special surprises.

Winter Squash ready for the menu over the next few months

In May we were surprised with 100s of volunteer squash starts from compost that had overwintered in the garden. Some were conveniently placed near the irrigation but others looked to spread out to make it. There was no need to worry! This year's winner for the best harvest in the Pringle Creek Community gardens was the squash patch. We enjoyed summer squash like zucchini and crookneck from July to September. In September and October we tried out our delicata and acorn. In the upcoming months, Chef Dave will utilize our butternuts, dumpling, and acorns in the Painters Hall Cafe menu.

Joins Us at Painters Hall Cafe on Friday, November 22nd from 2pm-3pm for

Our "Soup"er Thankful Day!

Stop by and enjoy a cup of soup on us. We are beginning our thankful early this month 
by starting with you. The Pringle Creek Community staff appreciate your support 
over the years and we are wish you all a wonderful fall and winter season.